Clash of Clans
Super Bowl

A warning to all the Clash of Clans players out there: Do not attack AngryNeeson52.


At over 160 million views, this was the second most viewed video on YouTube in 2015. AdAgeAdweek, and Fast Company all named it top of the Super Bowl and it's listed in the best Super Bowl spots of all time

With Mark Bielik and the good people at Barton F Graf. Directed by Tom Kuntz.

Clash of Clans
YouTube Hits!

We made a lot of high end animated videos for Clash of Clans over the years.
Here are a few of my favorites.

Hammer Jam

Building your village in Clash of Clans is hard. To motivate players, we wrote a jam to get their hammers hammering.

YouTube placed us at #4 on their Top 10 game trailers of the year globally.

Clan Castle

A big reason people play Clash of Clans is for the fun of being in a clan. To inspire people to join clans, we told this toe-tingling story.

"Clan Castle" with Mark Bielik, Matty Smith;
"Hammer Jam" with Van Gould, Chris Sheldon, and Mark Bielik. Directed by Trevor Conrad at Psyop