Sour Patch Kids
Sour, Then Sweet

We did not create the long running Sour Patch Kids campaign. But the brief graced our office, and I like to think that the decapitations, impalings, and car smashings pushed the campaign a little darker.


If you have a spare 25 minutes you can watch the Sour Patch Kids demolish a gingerbread house in real time. Great for the holidays!


"Pineapple Car" with Mark Bielik, "Gingerbread Man" with Zoe Kessler, Molly Wilkof, Mark Bielik and talented folk at Barton F. Graf. Directed by Bryan Buckley. ”Working Out” and “Wreck the Halls” With Mark Bielik, Chris Sheldon, Van Gould, Joey Ianno, Chris Stephens. Directed by Matt Dilmore.