Dead Mouse Theatre

When you kill as many mice as Tomcat, what will you do with them all?
Our answer was to put them to use in a theater production of course.
And it worked—we sold mouse poison like hot cakes.

We dressed up dead mice for every occasion on Tomcat’s social channels.

In Season 2…
Turbo Tom

Tomcat wanted more! So the next year, we introduced Turbo Tom, the dead stunt mouse who loves to die fast. 

Turbo Tom had his own action figure and theme song.

He was delivered to fans in a miniature chrome coffin.

Season 1 with Mark Bielik, Nick Kaplan, and more at Barton F. Graf. Directed by Ringan Ledwidge.
Season 2 with Mark Bielik, Nick Kaplan, Amanda Clelland, and more at Barton F. Graf. Directed by Ulf Johansson.